Thursday, 27 August 2015

Publication Day! And many pieces of writing

Today THE SEA BETWEEN US is published in the UK! Hip, hip, hooray!

Here it is, looking rather handsome in a patch of summer sunshine…

…and here I am, in Pub Day selfie mode… I'm wearing my favourite 'Life is better in the ocean' jumper, of course… 

I've been busy scribbling articles and blog posts in the last few weeks, and most seem to have gone live today. Again - hooray! If you fancy a read of a little something then make yourself a coffee (or two) and take your pick from the below...   

If you'd like to read a brand new short story of mine, called The Seashell, then hop over to The Book Corner and read it HERE.

If you'd like to read why I consider writing to be a sport that's every bit as extreme as the likes of snowboarding and surfing then head to the WHSmith blog and read it HERE.

Tired of not getting enough holidays? Then join me in fostering a year-round holidaymaker spirit. I explained how over on the James Villas blog and…. yep, read it HERE.

Meanwhile on FemaleFirst I've a piece called 'Ten things I want my readers to know about me'… and you can read it HERE.

As part of my 'getting to know and love Cornwall' research I stayed in some beautiful places in the far west, and I told cottage company Classic just how inspirational I found it to be - you can read that piece HERE.

The very lovely Hannah Beckerman interviewed me for the Huffington Post - and you can read my answers to her excellent questions HERE.

Finally, I wrote a piece for the wonderful people at Book Slam about the story behind the song in my novel. You can read that one HERE.

In St Ives, last summer 
The song I'm Always With You was written by him on the left, for me in the middle 
(and, one day, for him on the right)

A BIG, BIG THANK YOU for all the support. My Publication Day has been filled with kind and lovely words, from kind and lovely people. You've done me and my book proud, and I couldn't be more grateful. The Sea Between Us is dedicated to my son Calvin Jack and my husband, Bobby. I wrote much of it while I was pregnant, and rewrote it much of it when my son was very small. The fact that the last was even possible was down to the incredible support of my husband. It's a book that is, I hope, full of love - for landscape, surf, art, music, and the people who make life worth living. This one's for you, boys. It's yours.


I'll leave you with the aforementioned song - it's called I'm Always With You and you can listen to it HERE Xxx