Wednesday, 19 April 2017

The countdown to summer

Now that Easter is behind us, it's all about the countdown to summer, right? Enjoying those lighter and brighter evenings, the simple pleasure of leaving the house without a coat, seeing if last year's flip-flops are still up to standard (and treating yourself to some spanking brand new ones anyway)... And, for me, feeling the mix of trepidation and anticipation that goes with the publication of a new book: three months to go!

It's already up on Amazon (HERE), where some early readers - members of the Vine programme - are leaving some very nice reviews. There's also a collection of quotes from fellow authors who've read a proof of the book (listed within the 'product description' section) - and I'm blown away by the loveliness, and generosity, of their words.

To mark this very sunny start, I've wheeled out my Elba souvenir mug and brought some blooms. I hope you'll come with me to the island of Elba this summer...