Monday, 19 November 2012

An uncommon sunday; Jarvis, 6Music and me

It's not everyday that my dad wakes me up with a rousing rendition of Pulp's Common People down the telephone. But then it's not everyday that I get a story played on BBC 6Music, by the most excellent Jarvis Cocker. All thanks to brilliant Book Slam and the annual Too Much Too Young, in which the story features.

You can listen to the show HERE (my story comes in at 35.01). The link will be live just until the 25th November. Jarvis, and Adam the producer, have chosen some great tunes to split it with, including a masterful version of Don't Be Cruel. And the way the end of the story rolls into the next song made me happy, happy, happy. 

Too Much Too Young publishes a week tomorrow. Pre-order it HERE, check out the launch events HERE. In Jarvis's words, 'it's good, in't it?'

Thank you for a very cool sunday, Mr Cocker.