Thursday, 8 October 2015

Novelicious Book Club pick - and thank you to bloggers

I'm thrilled that Novelicious - the fabulous women's fiction website and community - have chosen The Sea Between Us as this month's Book Club read. If you'd like to read along and get involved in the discussion, then head HERE to find out what to do. On the 27th October at 8pm there'll be a live Book Club chat on Twitter, with the hashtag #NoveliciousBookClub 
Happy Reading, y'all…

I thought it'd be an appropriate moment to gather together some of the wonderful blogger reviews of late. I'm truly grateful for the support the book's enjoyed, particularly from people who have such teetering TBRs, and who do all their reviewing in their precious spare time. So in no particular order…

Louise Jones, blogging at TheBookBag - review here 
Lucy Pearson, blogging at TheUnlikelyBookworm - review here
Mary Mayfield, blogging at OurBookReviews - review here 
Linda Hill, blogging at LindasBookBag - review here 
Joanne D'Arcy, blogging at JosBookJourney - review here 
Janine Jewell, blogging at JewellBooks - review here 
Zarina de Ruiter, blogging at PagetoStageReviews - review here 


Saturday, 3 October 2015

Dear Tim Winton

The good folks over at Novelicious have a lovely segment on their site - Literary Love Letters - where writers can pen a missive to their bookish heart's desire. Mine? Tim Winton. You can read it HERE.