Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Summer's on its way

It's official. The Book of Summers is now out in the big, wide world, sent off in style at a wonderful launch party at Daunt in Hampstead. The shop was bursting at the seams with well-wishers and dear friends - as was the pub afterwards - making it a very special night indeed. I couldn't have felt luckier. 

I owe a big, big, BIG thanks to all - especially those who came from far-flung climes (Rwanda! France! Derbyshire! Brizzle! South London!), the ever wonderful Headline for organising, and Daunt for hosting. Best. Monday. Ever.

The lovely Daunt Hampstead, with bunting and everything (think that's always there, mind).

Endless Summers...

Signing... I was even allowed to keep the inaugural Sharpie.

The word on the street? Cool kids read The Book of Summers.

Prescription for the morning after the night before? The Breakfast Club special of Chorizo & Hash Browns. Dreamy.