Friday, 27 April 2012

American May

My wedding anniversary falls in May, making it two years since my husband and I wed in Las Vegas. It was my first time in America and the trip was every bit the dream I hoped. We hit the road to New Mexico and wound up in Santa Fe, a city I now pine for from my own South Western corner. The month of May will always make me think of my happy American days, and now I've another reason for that to be so... The Book of Summers is published in the US on the 29th May.  The other day I received my copies of the book, have a look... 

The edges of the pages have a ragged effect, to lend a little romance of times gone by, and I particularly love the specially created font for The Book of Summers, accents of which are taken through the chapter headings. My publisher, MIRA, have done me proud. Roll on Summer, Stateside!