Wednesday, 6 June 2012

WIN - a Summer sundae

The weather in the UK has been utterly miserable over the Jubilee weekend, but in our house the sun was beaming as I made myself a Book of Summers Sundae. Yes. You had that right. A Summer Sundae.

Until 31st July my UK publisher Headline are running an amazing competition to win an ice cream day for your whole office, topped off with The Book of Summers wafers. If that isn't the proverbial cherry (and I highly recommend some literal ones as well, for that Magyar touch) then I don't know what is. You can enter the competition HERE.

Ice cream was always a feature of our trips to Hungary when I was a child. Back in the 90s, dessert choices in Hungarian restaurants were often quite limited; pancakes, trifle, and copious amounts of ice cream. No café was complete without a menu showing enticing pictures of  'ice cream cups', dribbled with chocolate sauce, dripping with fresh fruit and scattered nuts, although rarely did the sundaes that came to our table resemble their photographic counterparts. Often they were bigger. Best of all were the roadside kiosks, where I tasted watermelon and cherry flavours for the first time, and always walked away with a towering cone, the wafer crumbling beneath my fingers, the hot, hot sun sending bright-coloured rivulets running down my wrist. Fagylalt - as it's called in Hungary (pronounced something like fodge-loite) - is an eternally sweet memory of those childhood holidays. 

Go on, enter the comp, and bring the sweet taste of Hungarian summers into your office - no matter what the English weather's doing outside the window.