Tuesday, 4 December 2012

!Book Slam Bristol!

With the success of three London launches filling her sails, the fair ship Book Slam is heading westerly and docking in Bristol on the evening of Monday 10th DecemberI'll be reading my story from Too Much Too Young, along with fellow contributors and live lit legends Salena Godden and Nikesh Shukla. What with music from Robin Allender too, it promises to be much fun. We'll be at Spike Island, Bristol's own Helicon, twixt the sacred springs of the Cumberland Basin and the New Cut...

It's from 6.30-8.30pm, and entry is FREE... more details HERE, and how to find Spike HERE

One of the many nice things about having a story in a collection along with eleven other authors is that you can safely shout about it without being that guy. So here's Too Much Too Young looking handsome alongside a Flat White. Just because.

And here's what makes this special little book extra special - every copy signed by every author.

As a festive treat, you can pick up both Volume I and Volume II for just £30. I've read every story in both books and can say with just a smidgeon of bias (... one thirtieth, in fact) that this is an offer well worth accepting.  The people behind Book Slam are some of the nicest out there (you can read what Glorious Leader Patrick Neate has to say about it all here) and for the good of live literature we need to keep them doing what they're doing. I know what I'm giving all of my friends for Christmas (you guys, bit late to look away now, apologies etc).