Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Last week I took myself off to the seaside for a few days. I love the coast in winter, and I've found the perfect spot in which to hole up and write; solitude, perfect peace, and a fine view. My work? The second draft of my next novel. Part of the appeal of this sort of retreat is that I get to leave so many of my day to day distractions behind, including the lovely clutter of my writing room, with its books and pictures and piles and stacks. There's something about the sparsity of space and singularity of purpose that meshes nicely and suits me very well - for a few days, anyway. I couldn't ditch all my paraphernalia though - I did pack three postcards. A little bit talismanic, they remind me of what I'm writing and where I'm writing it; cool-crisp days, romantic city streets, the genteel glamour of Lac Léman - and a hint of darkness. BEYOND BEAUTY is due out next summer.