Sunday, 2 March 2014

CLIC Sargent Get In Character auction - be in my next book!

How do you fancy having a character named after yourself in my next book? On Thursday night the CLIC Sargent 'Get In Character' auction launched - it's an amazing cause, helping children and young people with cancer, and one that's being supported by some fantastic authors… check it out HERE.

I'm working on my third novel at the moment, and that's the one that you can bid on… As well as having a mention in the acknowledgements I'll name a character after the winning bidder… I can't promise they'll end up as the heroine or hero, more likely a member of the supporting cast, but they'll certainly be interesting, and important to the story… and written in with much love and gratitude. 

Bidding closes on Sunday 9th March at 8pm UK time… if you'd like to support the work of CLIC Sargent, and have some fun into the bargain, go HERE to check out my page on the auction site.

Thanks for listening (reading) X