Friday, 8 June 2018

'Pure dreamy escapism'

Two blog posts in three days! I've been hibernating lately, working on Book 5, dreaming of far off places: specifically a place of palms and seasalt, of green hills and red carpets. My hut at the end of the garden is an escapist's lair, a portal to where ever I'm writing.

On the subject of escapism... Back in the spring the fabulous Fearne Cotton, as guest editor of Stylist magazine, recommended ten books that she considered 'truly life-changing'. Among them was The Thousand Lights Hotel. She described it thus: 'This sun drenched book is about love, food, and Italy; what's not to love? I didn't actually read this while on holiday, but somehow I felt like I was on a mini-vacation every time I opened its pages. Pure dreamy escapism with a side of biscotti.' I couldn't be happier with that!

In the same list Fearne also recommended Elizabeth's Gilbert's Big Magic. What a brilliant book that is. I love books about the creative process, and this is a belter - full of great wisdom worn lightly, funny, moving and, above all, inspiring. It's been by my side as I've been writing, and rewriting, and rewriting some more, these last months. There's still a long way to go on the new book, but I'm enjoying the journey. Mostly. Some days it's like clambering mountains, and I'm dressed in all the wrong kit to boot. But when those moments of light come along - the Big Magic that Gilbert talks about - well, it all feels worth it.