Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Pancakes for Pub Day

Today The Book of Summers is published in the USA and Canada. I can remember talking to my editor at MIRA, Erika, very early on in the process; they were interested in publishing but an offer hadn't been made yet. I slipped out of work and took the call from New York sitting on a park bench. Erika told me how she was married to a Hungarian man, and how so much of the book resonated with her - that very weekend she had even been to a Szalonna Party (American readers, if you'd like to turn to page 49 in the book, all will be explained). The stars - and stripes - were surely aligned in my favour that day, and with the brilliant support of Erika & the team at MIRA, they have been ever since. 

This morning there was only one way to celebrate; American-style blueberry pancakes, with lashings of maple syrup. I threw in some strawberries for good measure, brewed a cup of coffee (served in my lucky Santa Fe mug, a souvenir from my New Mexican honeymoon), and sat down in the garden. It's amazing to think that across the Atlantic over the coming days, weeks, months, perhaps a reader will perform much the same ritual; a short stack, bottomless coffee, and The Book of Summers. Now that's my American Dream, right there.